Health Alert!!

I love to take my dogs swimming, especially since we are in our 20th day of over 95 degree heat!  However, due to the extreme heat and lack of rain the east coast is experiencing a bloom of blue-green toxic algae.  If your dog swims in infected water or ingests algae coated water they could become very ill.  Some dogs have even died from ingesting the algae.  My mother’s dog had a run-in with this algae and he’s fine now, but did develop sores around his mouth and diarrhea.

Keep your dog safe and healthy:

-Avoid allowing them to swim in still, stagnant water

-Keep your dog from drinking water from streams and ponds

-If your dog does go for a dip, rinse them off thoroughly

More information can be found in the Whole Dog Journal article here:

Stay cool this summer everyone!

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