Snow Day!!

It snowed last night and owning huskies, snow is a big deal in our household!  My boys love to dig in the snow, and since it’s not permanent I let them go to town.  This morning I was able to play my favorite game with them: Find It!

The game is really simple: I take a cup of kibble outside and toss it up into the air, scattering the kibbles all over the yard.  I let my boys go and yell “Find it!”  They spend hours sniffing every inch of yard to find every last kibble.

The snow makes Find It a bit more difficult, since the kibbles sink down and the boys have to dig around a bit. I’m not a big fan of the cold, but my dogs are (go figure!) so I’m always looking for ways to exercise them in winter weather that doesn’t require me spending hours outside.  Find It! is a great way to exercise their mind, and give them an outlet for their need to hunt.

You can play my version of Find It! inside if you don’t have a yard, or if you don’t want to toss kibble all over your apartment you can hide kibble in specific places.  Put your dog in another room while you are hiding kibbles.  Remember to choose easy hiding places while your dog is just learning the game.  Let them out of the room and say “Find it!”  You may have to help them and point out some hiding places at first, but once your dog catches on you’ll have to get creative with hiding spots.  Once I hid kibble in the bathroom tub, and now Tam will occasionally jump into the tub to see if kibble magically appeared in there!  Soon you’ll be feeding your pup every meal this way because it’s so entertaining.


Have fun and enjoy your snow day!

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